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Song of the Day – The Voice Within I've been doing a lot of self reflection lately and going through a really emotional time in my life and just like when I was younger i've come back to this song. Growing up I didn't have anyone who was there for me or supporting me. Some days were harder than others and on… Continue reading Song of the Day – The Voice Within

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Mood: All over the place F**k this world, I'm leavingSick of watching people takingFrom the bottom to feed the topF**k this world, it's dying'Cause you people keep on lyingPower gets, power drips on downThat's why I'm covered in starsDrawing a map with my scarsGravity can't pull us apartLet's start a new life on marsForget it, let's get f**ked upF**k… Continue reading Mood: All over the place

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Brighten up your day with this delicious banana milk recipe!

Spring is finally here and although a majority of us are still practicing social distancing and remaining quarantined, we are still trying to find ways to enjoy the beginning of this warm weather season. My favorite way to relieve some mental stress and enjoy the beautiful weather is to curl up on my deck with… Continue reading Brighten up your day with this delicious banana milk recipe!


Four Happy Years and Many More to Come

Today marks four years of us being together and what a ride it has been! From moving into our first apartment together, to buying our first house and then getting engaged! It has been nothing short of amazing and I wouldn't have wanted to share these experiences with anyone else in my life. My fiance,… Continue reading Four Happy Years and Many More to Come


Favorite Tea This Fall Season

By no means am I an expert on tea and let's be honest.. I don't even drink caffeine (for reasons). However, Fall season is well under way and there are a few flavors that i've been loving this season so I thought I would share! (Tea pouring asmr anyone?) Ginger & Probiotics - It… Continue reading Favorite Tea This Fall Season