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Song of the Day – The Voice Within

I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection lately and going through a really emotional time in my life and just like when I was younger i’ve come back to this song. Growing up I didn’t have anyone who was there for me or supporting me. Some days were harder than others and on those days, I would stay up late at night just writing and listening to music. I spent so many nights listening to this song and just thinking about life and wishing that I had someone to help me get through it all but realizing that I really didn’t need anyone. This song helped teach me that I was enough and that I was strong enough to face any obstacles that came my way. It taught me that sometimes you really are alone but you can still make it anyway. That’s such a harsh lesson for a young girl to have to learn but It made me into the women that I am today. Sometimes we need a reminder that we can do bad all by ourselves and this has been serving as my reminder.

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