One Sided Friendships

Have you ever been the friend that helps everyone but is the one who is always getting left out? Have you ever been the type of friend who gets excited about something but never has anyone to tell things to because no one ever really seems to care about said thing as much as you? Maybe you’re the friend who helps others to reach their goals or pursue their dreams but when you are reaching for yours no one is around. In other words, maybe you are the friend that people always seem to take for granted. I consistently find myself being that friend. I sometimes wonder whether it’s on purpose or if I’m just so unnoticeable that no one ever really seems to realize how they make me feel. The problem with that is that I always notice those people or “friends” giving other people that same respect and attention. What’s really the difference? There are also friends who do appreciate what you do for them but still overlook you and your feelings when you need the same support in return. I don’t think it’s always on purpose but it’s also not an excuse. We can always do better and be better. I don’t ever do things for people to receive anything in return. I don’t show support for that reason either. I’m just the person who growing up never had anyone there for me or to support me and I don’t like others to feel the same way. Unfortunately, I always find myself in that same position even in adulthood.

The funny thing is, I am always seeing people post memes or quotes about supporting your friends and keeping friends around who do the same but.. they don’t practice what they preach. Does that make them bad people? Absolutely not, but if you are that aware of being respectful and being a good friend, why doesn’t it show in your actions towards everyone? They say you shouldn’t live with expectations or you will have regrets but what if you don’t even expect anything at all? It’s just as hurtful, if not worse, to stumble across posts of friends supporting other strangers that they don’t even know but don’t give you the same love and care. It makes you feel less than, like you don’t matter to them. I can’t help but wonder if I really do.

It doesn’t cost a dime to be a decent, loving, caring human being. I understand everyone has their own struggles and problems because I know I sure do but If I can take the time to consider your feelings then you can certainly take the time to consider mine. Respect always goes both ways. No one owes anyone anything but if we all learned how to be a little kinder to everyone, not just when it matters, then maybe the world we live in now could be a much kinder one to us all.

A post from @moonomens on Instagram that resonated with me.

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